Project Description

Premier Storage and Office Solutions, created a £15,000 Mezzanine floor for their very fast growing client, the build of the floor took advantage of the space in the warehouse and created them a 105.99m² floor, this has double the clients storage space. The Premier Storage team was on site for only 3 days, from delivery to completion. The team knew that the site was a very busy environment and was keen to be quick and efficient for the client. When the Premier Storage team was packing up to finish, the client was already loading their new storage area.

Frankee Gormley, Projects Account Manager, says, ‘’It was great to see this project from start to finish, from my first site visit, to the planning, drawing, costing and installing. It has opened so many more opportunities for my client, my client has a clothing brand and due to the extra storage they have created further clothes lines which is brilliant. It will help them grow even more as a company. I am in the process of costing a multi-tier Mezzanine floor at their new site, cannot wait to see another project completed for them.’’

Keith at Lucy&Yak said, ‘’I have found the whole process to be very quick and efficient. From arriving on site to completion the team installing the Mezz have been professional, courteous and accommodating. Sometime with contractors they are not sympathetic towards the running of the business they are working in, but I found this whole process ran really smoothly and enabled us to still carry on with day job. The speed at which the structure went up and was ready to use was brilliant and meant we doubled our space in 72 hours!

The end product is exactly what we needed, and the quality of finish is spot on.’