In general, planning permission is not needed to install an interior mezzanine. The only time you would need to get planning permission first is if the mezzanine will increase the floor space of a retail setting by 200 square metres or more, or if the mezzanine will require any changes to the exterior of the site in order to accommodate it. This latter instance would include the installation of windows for example. You might also need planning permission if the mezzanine installation goes hand in hand with a change to the building’s usage. However, there are some occasions when planning permission or Building Regulation Approval is required.

Will we need a building regulations application to install a mezzanine?

Yes, just about all types of building works – including mezzanine installations – require an application to be made to a building control body (BCB) before they can commence. There are two types of BCBs, either local authority in the form of your local council, or private in the form of an approved inspector.

Can Premier Projects help me obtain Building Regulations for a Mezzanine Floor?

As make certain we help our clients every step of the way we can take full responsibility to ensure you receive the correct Building Regulations for your mezzanine flooring project.