Tyre Racking

This range of tyre racking is the ideal solution for storing tyres, windscreens, and car parts. If you have a special requirement, please contact us below and we will find a solution which suits you best.

We can help you find the perfect fit storage solution for your requirements.



Premier Storage Projects can supply a wide range of industrial racking to your requirements and your individual needs.

Storing your tyres in the most efficient way possible is about maximising your use of space without affecting the quality of the tyres. Here you’ll find tailor-made solutions regardless of the height, depth and width available.

Maybe you’re a local independent tyre outlet using small shelving systems, or an international manufacturer requiring a high-rise rack installation.

Whatever your size and tyre storage requirements, we can ensure everything is the perfect fit, with a range of options available


With over 25 years of experience within the racking industry, we can create the best, most cost effective solution for you.

Ticks the box for

  • Ideal for storing your tires, rims or coils

  • Easy to install and modular

  • Specially developed bearing system prevents tires from rolling

  • Easily expandible
  • Suitable for tire storage with or without rim

  • Other RAL colors on request

  • Useful for small garages as well as tyre hotels


  • Frame depth: 300/ 450/ 600/ 750/ 900/ 1.200 mm

  • Frame height: van 1.000 tot 2.900 mm

  • Standard frame colour: RAL 5009 (Azure blue)

  • Beam length: 1.012/ 1.512/ 1.812/ 2.012/ 3.012 mm

  • Standard beam colour: RAL 7035 (Light grey)

  • No need for additional cross bracing

  • Other RAL colours available on demand


Body Panel Shelving

Our body panel shelving is based on the T50 longspan shelving system, and perfectly suited to storing body panels of all types from wings to doors. Specially designed dividers and hangers fit accessory beams, these keep the panels from touching to avoid damage.


  • Panels easily placed and picked

  • Avoids damage to expensive panels

  • Easy to install

Exhaust Storage

This exhaust racking is the ideal solution for storing exhaust systems and parts. The racking is easily installed, has a long-life span, and the specially developed hangers keep the exhausts separated effi ciently and makes them easy to pick. Completely boltless, easily assembled and dismantled.

  • Completely boltless
  • Easily assembled and dismantled.

  • Easy to install

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