Premier Storage & Office Solutions is an authorised Dexion distributor and has a vast knowledge base of all Dexion products. From one bay of shelving to a warehouse full of pallet racking, we can assist will all Dexion products.

What does being an approved distributor mean?

As an authorised Dexion dealer, we meet certain requirements and are qualified to supply Dexion products, services, and support. We often receive training from Dexion and are always up to date with the new technologies Dexion makes available to the market.

In short, being a Dexion authorised dealer means the following:

We are authorised to and are selling genuine Dexion products.

Dexion only sells products directly or through authorised dealers. Therefore, to make sure that you are purchasing genuine top-quality Dexion products or the services are provided by qualified teams, look for the stamps above on your supplier’s website, printed material, vehicles, and so on.

We have exclusive distribution rights to sell Dexion products in our area.

We have exclusive distribution rights over large areas. This is to ensure that we are consistent in delivering our products and services at the same high standards we promise, everywhere.

We have the highest levels of service and knowledge in all aspects of their business.

We are always up to date with our existing products, services and also new technologies Dexion is developing. We are working together to ensure that you receive the best value for your investment and we are providing the best solutions for your needs.

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