Project Description

Premier Storage helps leading building product supplier to improve efficiency

Doncaster based storage solutions provider, Premier Storage and Office Solutions are delighted to be helping building industry leader, to deliver its top quality service from its headquarters near Beverley in Yorkshire.

As a provider of building products across Europe and the USA, the group bases its success on innovation and quality, and so when it was looking for a way of improving its storage options, it turned to Premier Storage, whose reputation for delivering quality and innovation is well known in the region.


Looking to improve and optimise its storage and distribution, they commissioned Premier Storage to install 2 blocks of Dexion P90+ Push Back Racking  – giving the company 264 pallet positions.  Mark Jepson, managing director of Premier Storage says “This is a great product for companies looking for an efficient ‘last in – first out’ solution for bulk products, and so is ideal for building products such as the Superlite roofing tile.

Clearly impressed with the installation and increase in storage capacity (the racking offers up to 75% increase in storage capacity over standard racking and can be used in often unusable areas such as above cross aisles), they came back to Mark this year for an extension to the system.  Mark and his team have now fitted a further 12 lanes of racking, giving them 23 lanes of racking, 5 deep and 3 high, and 444 pallet positions.


Warehouse team leader in Beverley, Mike, says “This is a really good system that gives us optimum storage in our warehouse space.  Pallets are put into channels from the back of the system and once the ones at the front are removed, the back ones automatically roll forward so we are always picking from the front.  Our group handles thousands of orders every month with order accuracy at 99.6% and on-time delivery greater than 99 percent.  This dynamic pallet racking system saves a lot of time and helps us to maintain our promise to provide our clients with this reliability, speed and accuracy.”

If you are looking for a storage solution that can save you time and money, and help improve efficiency, contact Mark to discuss the most cost-effective and innovative options that Premier Storage can offer.