Industrial partitioning systems provide an effective solution in dividing offices, warehouses and factories.

Our partitioning systems is a pre-manufactured flexible system made with steel and is primarily used within industry to improve the working environment for employees.

A poor working environment in a company can result in reduced productivity. Poor environment could be unacceptable noise, EMP (electro magnetic pulses), dirt or dust. These are problems can be solved by simply creating a partition between the unacceptable working environment and your workers.

Industrial partitioning is ideal to make and create clean room applications, private work zones, archive storage areas, storage for individual products and secure storage areas. Choose from single or double skin to ensure you get the right strength and stability for your work environment. We also offer approved clean-room partitioning. Request a quote today or call one of our projects team members on 01302 300200 for more information.

Double Skin Partitioning Elan

Double Skin Partitioning

A high-quality double skin steel partitioning system which provides flexible solutions for both office and factory applications where appearance and aesthetics are important. This system is available in both non-fire and fire rated versions; please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Single Skin Steel Partitioning

Single Skin Steel Partitioning

A modular, demount able panel system that can be used for a variety of applications within a warehouse or factory environment. It is ideal for enclosing working areas where appearance is important but without the extra cost of a double skin system.

TITAN Clean room Partitioning

Titan – Clean-room applications

Titan has been designed specifically for cleanrooms. Its two line junction keeps dust traps to a minimum and its powder coated finish is an ideal surface for clean environments. It is also completely demountable, enabling one panel to be removed without having to dismantle the whole enclosure.

Bastion Heavy Duty Steel partitioning

BASTION – Heavy Duty Partitioning

Bastion is an economic heavy duty single skin partition system with superb strength and adaptability. Its robust angle frame makes it the ideal choice for creating a highly secure perimeter around any area. In typical applications, Bastion prevents enclosed areas from intrusion, keeping the contents safe. Bastion panels can be multi-tiered to create a truly demount able system that is ideal for any dynamic work space.