Commercial CCTV

Premier Storage Projects has an experienced CCTV design and installation team for commercial businesses across the UK.

You can rely on us to meet specifc customer requirments and deliver a a high quality CCTV system.


CCTV Systems for Businesses

CCTV can provide a lot more than just security to your building, our team positions cameras in a way which provides complete scope of your premises preventing unnecessary health and safety claims, the location of missing/misplaced stock which could lead to saving your company thousands of pounds, which will more than cover the investment of a high quality CCTV system.

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Warehouse CCTV HikVision


Our team have a wealth of over 20 Years experience through installing bespoke CCTV systems for commercial businesses throughout the UK.


commercial cctv

Warehouse & Distribution

Within warehousing and distribution, whichever industry you are part of, whether it be electronics, cosmetics, clothing ect (high-value products), CCTV is utilised to pervent theft. Any theft will cause an unknown discrepancies in the inventory file, thus creating a lost sale (£’s) which reflects on the Logistics Service Provider’s (LSP) ability to maintain an accurate stock file; perceived as ‘poor stock management’.

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Manufacturing & Production

CCTV can be installed onto any assembly line/factory floor in important locations or areas of concern. By installing a CCTV system within your production line, you will see a drastic increase in productivity as alerts can be interpreted from the CCTV that could cause disruption to your companies production output. If any Health and Safety claims or accidents occur, these can be proven all thanks to the quality images provided.

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Retail & Leisure

CCTV is a very important asset in the retail and leisure industry, whether it be a restaurant, caravan park, hotel or skatepark, CCTV provides security as well as visible evidence if incidents occur on the premises which could result in false insurance claims if CCTV is not in operation. CCTV is ideal to be placed in areas important locations or areas of concern where money is exchanged.

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