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Premier Storage – Dexion Authorised Distributor

Premier Storage & Office Solutions is an authorised Dexion distributor and has a vast knowledge base of all Dexion products. From one bay of shelving to a warehouse full of pallet racking, we can assist will all Dexion products. What does being an approved distributor mean? As an authorised Dexion [...]

Pallet Racking Terminology

Warehouse pallet racking can be challenging to grasp, and the terminology can be tough to decipher if you aren't dealing with the components on a daily basis, which can lead to misunderstandings when communicating with others. This guide will assist you in learning about common terms used for commercial and warehouse pallet racking. Common [...]

Pallet Storage Rates – What Should You Be Paying?

External warehouse storage is a highly cost-effective technique for reducing overheads or providing vital additional services, this addition warehouse storage could be significate during peak seasonal times or during a development process, depending on the pallet storage rates. Conventional pallet storage rates usually range from £1.50 – [...]

Labelling & Identification

Premier Storage projects supply barcode labelling and identification products for the warehouse. With off-the shelf sizes in ticket and label holder, floor signs, document pockets plus many others. Premier Storage supply numerous types of Warehouse Labelling to suit any of your warehouse trafficking needs. Warehouse labelling is a very important part of any warehouse [...]

Mezzanine Floor Systems

Mezzanine flooring allows for a cost efficient creation of extra floor space in existing buildings. Premier Storage Projects will design, manufacture and install a high quality mezzanine floor which will therefore lead to an increase in space and work-rate. Mezzanine floors are suspended or supported floors erected within a building which were not part [...]

Industrial Partitioning

Industrial partitioning systems provide an effective solution in dividing offices, warehouses and factories. Our partitioning systems is a pre-manufactured flexible system made with steel and is primarily used within industry to improve the working environment for employees. A poor working environment in a company can result in reduced productivity. Poor environment could be unacceptable [...]

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